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Have you ever considered why content is important for websites? It is the building block to develop reputation and trust. So often I see small business websites with an image on the home page and nothing further. The site may look great, but the user is likely to bounce straight off as there is nothing to help them. They have come there with a need. The job of the web content-creator is to understand their customers' intent and provide the content to resolve that need.

Grab this excellent opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise and provide a solution for your users. Engage and educate your prospective customers with valuable content marketing. Below I've put together seven reasons why content is important for websites. Hopefully, this will help you build a better site and a more robust business.

1. Valuable Content Influences Conversion

Great content is important for websites as it helps influence conversion. According to Intechnic, 57% of marketers have acquired new customers from their blog. That is to say, by setting yourself apart from your competitors and by showcasing your subject matter expertise, you can bring peace of mind to your consumers.

Your web users are searching using keywords to find the business that will solve their problem. There is an opportunity not only to solve their problem but to go above and beyond. Provide better quality information and images with thoroughness, and you will win over your prospects with the value.

2. Content is Important for Websites to Generate Leads

If you can solve a consumer need by showcasing professional and concise content on your website, you are ahead of the game. By answering their problem with great content, your website user is more likely to remember your brand. When your brand is on the mind of your consumers, you stand out above your competition. If your content is showing up all over the internet, you increase your chances for more sales. When your prospects need your product or service, they will remember the company with excellent user experience and content.

3. SEO Value of Content

The SEO value of content is undeniable today as the leading Search Engine—Google, rates websites based on the quality, relevance, and uniqueness of website content. Search is carried out via typing keywords in a search engine. By creating more articles, video and imagery, you provide more opportunities for different keywords to be used and found.

Besides these reasons adding fresh content is in itself a ranking factor. Another ranking factor is Backlinks or links from a highly rated site to your site. If you create a significant and unique content piece, others might find it valuable enough to link to on your web page. Consequently, this can help to increase your domain rank and ability to be found in search.

4. Writing Evergreen Content for Business Websites

Evergreen content is the type that never grows old. If you have a few pieces of evergreen content, you can extend the lifespan of your articles. Consequently, this can allow more customers to find you. Bringing users continually back to your site increases the likelihood of backlinks to your pages and indeed business.

5. Shareable Content

Fresh content can be shared widely from one interested person to an exponential number of people via social media. As this type of marketing is free (except for the time and expertise to create the content), it is an invaluable and cost-effective way to generate leads. Certain types of content are more popular than others. In particular, Infographics, How-to's and Checklists are some of the most sought-after pieces of content you can create if well researched.

6. Accessibility

Accessibility of your website means that people can shop or compare products on the internet 24/7. Website owners need to ensure there are no barriers that prevent interaction on their site. Barriers can include content functionality such as non-working contact forms or shopping carts, broken links and menus. It could also include a lack of correct information such as opening hours. Also have you considered the needs of those who are sight-impaired or have other disabilities?  With valuable and up-to-date, accessible content, you are in effect, having a permanent window on the street to your services. Accessibility extends the ability of your business to attract leads and customers even while you are sleeping.

7. Differentiate your Product or Service

Content on your website enables you and your brand to showcase your expertise concerning your products or service. If you set yourself apart from your competition, you allow yourself to have an edge. There are many ways to differentiate yourself. You can choose a different tone of voice or look and feel. Perhaps more extensive types of content will be the way forward. Consider including whitepapers, eBooks and case studies and a blog to build a show-stopping business content strategy. By analysing your competition, you can see what their offerings and angles are and do a more unique and thorough job.


As you plan your content marketing, think about the information gaps. Perhaps also consider the platform types available for your budget and product offerings. If you know your users' intent, you then can match the correct variety of content to meet that intent. For example, an eBay shopper wants to know all about the product they are searching. By inserting the competitive keywords into the copy with instructions on how to use the product, you can come up a winner.
Here is a non-exhaustible list of types of content to consider. Let us know how we can help you with your content creation and marketing.

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog
  • Listicle
  • EBook
  • How to
  • Case Studies
  • Webinar
  • Logo design
  • Graphics
  • video
  • Photography
  • White papers
  • Infographics

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  1. Runner Noah

    Of course, you ll only see backlinks when your content contains ideas, opinions, or information that is worth sharing. If you re creating mediocre content or simply relaying information that your audience can find elsewhere on the web, you re going to struggle to get other websites to link to you. This means that you ll have a more difficult time attracting new attention and establishing authority online. To encourage backlinks, you want to ensure that your topics are unique. While there may be similar content already available online, you want to put your own spin on each piece. Adding your unique perspective can ensure that your information stands out, helping you attract more attention. You can also increase your number of backlinks by focusing only on creating high-quality content. This includes developing harder-to-create pieces like infographics or videos. Since they take more effort to create, other sites will be less likely to produce them as well, instead choosing to link to your content.

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