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Which web host should I choose?

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I want to explain web hosting before getting into hosting services. A website must be placed on a Web Server to be available on the Internet (or the World Wide Web). Web hosts are companies that lease Server space and accompanying technology to make your website accessible online. Choosing a web host need not be difficult but requires some research. As a beginner, price is a factor for selecting web hosting, so we need to consider this in the search for the right provider. Most Hosting companies offer a discount when you first sign up. You should try to lock in that discount for three years as the renewal price will increase. However, the three main factors to consider after the price are website security, website speed, and hosting support. So here’s my outline of what to look for when deciding which web host you should choose.

Website Speed

Website speed is one of the criteria for a great website. We all know most users will move on if a site doesn’t load in under three seconds. Your site and business will lose trust. Maintaining a prominent search engine ranking also requires that a website load fast. So how do you achieve this?

The web hosting company where your website “lives” is responsible for making your website load more quickly. If your site is not performing as expected, contact your web host company and ask them if something can be changed to improve the website speed. The factors to research when considering a top-notch web hosting company and to ensure you get excellent website speed are, firstly, the quality of the server, secondly, the cache setup, and thirdly, perhaps the size of the disc space. Litespeed is a great server to look for, and the more disc space you can get for the price will be helpful.

Website Security

Website security includes features such as an SSL certificate, backup and security monitoring. You can tell if your site has an SSL certificate by looking at the beginning of your domain name. It should have a small lock icon and an “s” at the end of the http (e.g., When you hover on the lock icon, you will see it says “verified by such and such company”. Hence, that company verifies the domain as a legitimate site.
If you sign up for scanning or monitoring in your server package, you should be assured that if someone hacks your site or places malware, you can be notified and have it removed.
Daily backups are crucial to ensure that you have a backup of the latest version of your website to reload if your site is hacked or crashed. Check that the web hosting company you are considering offers these critical features in their hosting package.

Hosting Support

One of the reasons for hosting support is to aid you if your website goes down for any length of time. If your web host company offers 24/7 support, you know you can call them in the middle of the night or when you notice your site is down. Or perhaps you are updating your content yourself, and everything crashes when you add a feature such as a plugin.

There are, of course, different types of support. Some hosting companies only offer support to experienced developers. In contrast, others are happy to make the changes you require if you don’t understand what is wrong. It’s a good idea to check this detail before signing. Having the support and daily backups factored into your hosting cost gives you peace of mind.



To summarise, compare web hosting companies in your budget that include a quality server such as Litespeed, cache setup, SSL certificate, daily backups, security monitoring and 24/7 hosting support. As a startup company,  Shared hosting/ WordPress hosting is adequate. We would be happy to assist if you are unsure about any of this. Here are a couple of our picks for WordPress Hosting.
SiteGround Hosting , Hostinger, A2 & Chemicloud
Ask us about hosting.
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