Auditing your website

Discover the issues that hold your online business back


If you have never audited your website for SEO, then now is the time. It has never been more crucial to optimise your business online to improve your website search engine ranking. You are competing against major, savvy competitors in today’s markets. If you want to get ahead, then you need to address your SEO issues.

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Demystifying the SEO audit

How to audit your online business

There are many parts to a website audit. Let us break down the various elements to demystify what an SEO audit is all about.

Website audit types

Our audits will assess your website speed for mobile and desktop, Core Web Vitals—a major ranking factor, on-page SEO, technical SEO and Domain ranking to assess your popularity on the WWW. By understanding your website status, and what can be improved, you will have a much better understanding of what it takes to grow your online business.

On-page SEO Audit

The on-page SEO audit highlights areas such as:

  • quality content and word count
  • Alternate text, required on your images to assist screen readers and robots
  • Header tags populated with your keywords to understand your content and help accessibility
  • Title Tag & Meta Description, which are crucial for gaining click through

Technical SEO Audit

The technical audit covers areas such as

  • Indexability. In other words, are your pages indexed and showing up on major search engines
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Website load speed and user experience
  • Broken links which can lose you trust — need to be redirected
  • Duplicate content
  • SSL certificates and security

Off-Page Audit

The off-page audit shows how you can improve your website popularity. This is crucial to gain a high domain authority and search ranking. We will look at areas such as:

  • Domain authority — your website authority
  • Backlink count — the number of web links to your pages from other sites
  • Competitor Research

Steps in an SEO AUDIT

Our Auditing Process

We run some different audit tests

This doesn’t take long to do.


We highlight the issues

With each of the issues, we describe what they mean and highlight what is required to rectify them, including a time breakdown.

Optimising your online business

Here we do the important work of fixing each problem that was revealed in the test. You can ask for part or all of the issues to be handled. These can also be improved over time.

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