SEO Audit


This SEO Training Course teaches you how to Audit your Online Business and Create a Website that Floods with FREE Traffic without paying thousands a month on SEO. Buy your personal online SEO Course here!


What does the SEO Audit Program solve?

This SEO training course online shows you How to Gain more Organic FREE Traffic to your Website by improving your Visibility on the internet.


Modules in the Program and Benefits of each module

  1. Auditing your website – You will learn how to analyse your website and discover any on-page issues. I'll help you walk through the SEO audit, so it's simple to understand and empower you to adjust areas on your website that require attention. An SEO course suitable for beginners.
  2. Customer's Pain Points – This Module shows you how to write a customer persona, learn their pain points, write a story framework and optimise the key homepage areas. The persona document helps you know your prospective customers better and address their pain points to help them buy what you sell. Your users are not interested in what you offer unless your website describes their needs. Also, you will learn how to write a story framework and which areas of the homepage to optimise for success.
  3. Speed Test – This Module teaches you how to do a speed test and shows you what the data means and how to fix any errors. Fixing speed errors is probably one of the most crucial factors to gain rankings with 2022 algorithms.
  4. Keyword Research Marketing Course – This Module teaches you how to do keyword research essential for your website's visibility. You will learn about user intent when choosing the keywords you should target, how to find the right keywords, and where to place them in your content. I'll also discuss some tools you can use to streamline your website SEO.
  5. Mobile-friendly site – In this Module, you will learn the problems associated with mobile sites that give you a bad ranking. To have your site indexed on the internet, it needs to be mobile-friendly. You might be surprised which critical areas need addressing. You will learn the extra steps you should take, such as AMP, if your clients predominately use mobile to find you.
  6. Working Links – This Module teaches about broken links /404 responses and why they happen. If your links don't work, your prospects will lose trust and leave. I will show you how to avoid and rectify these issues.
  7. Indexed with Google – Does Google even know you have a website? Websites need to be indexed with different browsers to be visible on the internet. If your website is not indexed, it will not appear on a search results page. I'll show you how to test if your site is indexed, and I'll walk you through the process of indexing your site with Google. Plus, you will learn how to check that all your new pages are indexed in the future and more.
  8. Link Building – This Module shows you how to make your website stand out from the crowd with Link Building. Link building is the process of asking other website owners to link to your content. Without these links, you are considered unpopular. Popularity is a key ranking factor on the internet. You will also learn about toxic links and what to do about them.
  9.  How to prepare images for your website – Learn how to remove backgrounds from images, change file types for specific purposes, optimise your images for website speed, name your files for SEO and more.
  10.  Research your competitors – This bonus module teaches you how to do competitor research, know where you sit in comparison to your competitors, and how to improve your SEO to outperform them.
  11. How to maintain and secure your WordPress Website – This Bonus module looks at HTTPS security, how to purchase an SSL certificate and keep it up to date, how to back up your website in case of disaster, and how to secure your site, so you don't get hacked.
  12. Brand Photography – This Mega Bonus takes you through the steps of creating a great headshot, lifestyle photography, behind-the-scenes, office space, product photography, and consistent branding. You will learn to create a year's supply of imagery for your website and social media.

Benefits of the program overall

    • Generate more leads from your website
    • Learn what content to put on your website and where to put it
    • Fix specific website functionality issues
    • Learn to get on the first page of Google
    • Learn to audit and fix your website issues
    • Save thousands that you would need to pay an SEO expert
    • Make your website be seen above the crowd
    • Learn how to fix web elements that are letting your site down
    • Make your site mobile-friendly, and understand AMP
    • Learn to identify and fix broken links
    • Learn how to optimise your images and add them to your site
    • Learn how to rectify any image issues such as wrong size or distortion
    • Learn competitor research to gain the upper position
    • Test your site speed and fix any slow-loading issues
    • Learn how to maintain your website and security
    • Feel empowered by understanding SEO
    • Gain confidence that you know what you are doing
    • Have the choice of doing your SEO audit yourself
    • Be empowered with the confidence that you know what your SEO expert is doing
    • Learn steps to create a powerful website and see business growth