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Keyword research to rank your small business in search, is definitely an area that you need to master today! We can help with your keyword research. We don’t make it complicated and mystical, just plain English. Don’t delay, do it now and get your free audit.

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You wouldn’t be looking at this page if you didn’t understand that keyword research is crucial to ranking your small business.

  1. To assist your clients, you need to offer valuable content that serves their purpose.
  2. Research who are your true clients.
  3. Next, research the kind of keywords they would type in the browser. What phrases do they type to find your goods/services, and what is their intent?
  4. Do you have any gaps in the content you offer? Can you produce better content to help your users more fully understand the product or service? Can you create further content to show yourself as an authority in your niche?
  5. Choose keywords that are high volume, low SEO difficulty to increase your page rank.

If you need help with any of this, let us know. We will help you present as an expert in your niche. Furthermore, we place the keywords in strategic locations to ensure search engines and your prospective buyers find you. Grab a copy of our free KEYWORD RESEARCH LIST

Only 20% of online businesses do keyword research. Statistics show that keyword research is high on the budget for many organisations still in 2023. So don’t delay; get a head start on your competitors. Find out more about our SEO services and keyword research to rank your small business.
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Keyword Research FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keyword Research?

Your customers type words/phrases or keywords in their computer browser when they are searching for a suitable business to solve their needs. To understand what keywords your customers are searching, you need to conduct keyword research. A number of SEO tools are used to look for these keywords and phrases.

How do I do Keyword Research?

There are a number of tools that show you the volume of users for each specific keyword. Some tools are browser extensions that show you the volume right on the search result page. You need to look for keywords that have high traffic volume but with a low SEO difficulty. If the competitor volume is very high, it may not be possible for your business to rank for that keyword. It is better to find keywords that you can win easily and build up till you can outrank all your competitors. So start by finding keywords with a balance of high volume and low SEO difficulty. For more information, get our FREE mini training on keyword Research to rank your small business in search.

What are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are basically phrases of three or more words in a string. It is much easier to rank for long-tail keywords, as they are more focused on your subject. Keywords that consist of one or two words are generally very generic and if you do a search for this type of keyword you will see millions of users are using this. You need to narrow your search to just the ones looking for your type of industry, and long-tail keywords are the way to go.

What is keyword stuffing?

By putting numerous keywords all over your webpage, you can be penalised by Google for keyword stuffing. There are some good SEO plugins to help you analyse your page for keyword volume to avoid this issue. Try RankMath SEO plugin for WordPress to analyse your keyword density.

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