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The adage “If you build it they will come” was never meant to be about websites. In fact, without content marketing for your website the chances are it will not be seen, even when all the best SEO practices are followed from the beginning. But we have you covered. With a simple content marketing strategy, we can start directing traffic to your website.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing automation has been around for a while now, but many companies are still not taking advantage. This is a perfect way to market your content. Let’s help you get the ball rolling with email marketing and email automation. Plainly speaking, email marketing automation is the process of setting up an email service to send out personalised emails automatically to your database of customers and prospects. If you don’t have a database as yet, it’s not too late to build one. According to experts in lead generation,

“marketing automation can lead to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity.”

Who doesn’t want that?

Website Content

There are a few parts to your website that will need ongoing work—besides the maintenance of the site to ensure it is always compatible with the latest plugins and updates. We don’t want to see your site out of action because of a security issue or a problem plugin. But besides this type of maintenance, your website also requires regular new content to attract people back and to maintain and improve your SEO. Content is also a perfect way to attract attention to your expertise. By adding EBooks, Case-Studies, a Blog and other types of regular new articles with different keywords that you want your audience to search, you are widening your target audience appeal. You need to let your buyers know that you understand their concerns and pain points and offer solutions that will appeal to them. Including new content, woven with stories, into your website is the best way to build an audience-attracting site. Ask us how we can improve your presence and content marketing strategy. Find out more about content in our blog article.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great tool to grow your audience. Furthermore, a business LinkedIn page or Facebook page is free to create. Besides increasing your audience, it is also an invaluable way to connect to your existing customers. We can begin your marketing by setting up a strategically organised social media calendar containing posts for a set period such as a month or a quarter. There are many different types of social-posts which we can use to send to your connections. Let’s start with some reviews or social proof (Hubspot recommends some different types)—from your happy customers, then a behind-the-scenes look at your business process, followed by links to your latest and cornerstone blog posts. We discover from your audience personas what type of content they would find engaging. Let’s start a discussion about your needs.

Creative Content

Besides writing compelling copy woven with a story framework, we also love to create images, graphics and video.

Images in your website content

Images are crucial for your website as they show your product and service, tell a story, break up the text into bite-size chunks and make the whole more appealing.

Creative Graphics

Graphics can also do the job of images, and a good logo is a necessary start for your business branding.


Video is currently the number one medium that users prefer to digest content. There are many ways to produce a video that works for your business and doesn’t cost the earth. We are producing a free video training series to help you with your video and live-streaming content. Get the training Set up live streaming for business on a budget.



What we can do for you

We will tailor a plan to your business stage and budget. Lets get the ball rolling with some simple steps that you can grow into.

Social media

The most straightforward step to begin marketing is with social media. Choose one or more platforms, for which we can create a content calendar to market your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing to promote business requires a database of prospects. It’s never too late to start creating an email marketing strategy. We can set up all the requirements for success.


Website Content

Your web content mustn’t be stagnant. That is to say, once created, don’t leave it and forget. It’s vital for your search engine optimisation that new content is regularly added to your site to entice people to come back. Consequently, Google ranks sites on current, quality content that is relevant to your users.

Content Creation

As well as website content let us help you with your image, video, graphic, logo design, or article creation.

Blog Post Research

By researching your competitors and keywords, we can create a list of possible blog posts for SEO. That is content optimised to attract attention to your business and set the stage for you as a thought leader in your industry.


Try Our Proven Process

Research & Analysis

By analysing your content traffic data, interactions, and click-throughs, we can discover your current position and discuss your future goals.

Roadmap planning

Once we determine your ultimate state, we can roadmap your future content needs.

Execute & Monitor

The roadmap or plan of your requirements will guide us in the content execution. It’s essential to continue monitoring traffic data to make sure we are on the right track.


Pricing Models For Every Need

We provide many types of content and content marketing, please ask for a quote.

Blog Post

Why content is important for websites

Content is important for websites as it is the building block to develop reputation and trust. Through valuable content marketing, you can engage and educate your prospective customers.

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