7 Awesome ways to promote your website for free

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If you have never marketed a website or online business before, then it can seem daunting to know where to start. I often get asked for assistance in this space. So, I’ve put together 7 awesome ways to promote your website for free. There are some easy things to do upfront and if your business is in a demand niche, but not saturated in the marketplace, you could do well.

1. Promote your pages in organic search

Your clients want to know in a second or two what you have to offer, so make that clear. Take a look at your site from a stranger’s perspective and say, “Can I understand what you are offering?” Next, think about who you are offering it to. Would they be interested? Do you give them a reason to look at your products and services a little more? Make your main heading clear to understand and match it to your meta title and your URL if possible. Your Meta Title is what your prospects will see on the Search Engine Results page, so it’s important that they can see your offerings clearly in this space. This is one way to promote your website for free, using organic search engine results. There is quite a bit more to know about search engine optimisation or SEO, but you can do a lot by getting all the small items correct on your website. If you want to learn more about this, check out our free mini course.

2. Does anyone know my website exists? Get Indexed

When you just start out with a new website, the chances are that no one sees it. There are millions of sites, and how do you think people will find yours? The first key is to make sure your website is indexed on Google and Bing. After that, you need to market it. Try this little tool to see if your most valuable pages are indexed. Type site:yourURL.com and replace yourURL.com with your web address. If you can’t see all your key pages, then you should dig a little deeper to discover their status.

3. Social media to market my website for free?

There are a few places we can market our website for free, and the most common is social media. If you are just starting out, you need to gain an audience on social media to start sharing your story. Invite friends to your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. LinkedIn and Facebook recommend people you may know whom you can connect with. It’s best to just familiarise yourself with the different platforms, so you can figure out how to ask people to connect. While mastering this, start sharing interesting content.

Think about what content you enjoy reading and sharing. Some stuff you wouldn’t look at, and that could be because it’s not in your interest range, but it also could be because of quality. Of course, every age group and different persona will have different preferences, so get to know your ideal client’s persona, so you know who you are writing to. It is important to offer quality content. What are the key questions people ask you about your niche? Can you answer these questions on your social media platform?

4. Reasons to Opt-in. Email marketing

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Opt-in or subscribe are words we see on most websites these days. But what are good reasons to give someone your personal details? I have subscribed to many sites and enjoy reading lots of information sent to me. I may not have purchased from all of these sites, but I have certainly linked back to their content.
By writing valuable and original content, you can gain links from other online businesses, and this is one of the best ways to promote your website and gain a better SEO ranking. You can look at what content your competitors are sharing for ideas, especially those who are ranking well. Write a complete solution that answers your customer’s queries and place it as a PDF on your website.

Create an opt-in form on your website and offer something of value to give people a reason to leave their details. There are quite a few free email platforms you can use to automate this process and even discover what pages your visitors are viewing on your website. Consider the very easy and free platform Aweber or Mailchimp. Sign up to your preferred email automation platform and start nurturing your contacts. The great thing about automation systems is they help you handle email legalities such as an unsubscribe button, to help keep your email list fresh. Email is still the number one marketing solution.

5. How to market your website on YouTube for free

This could certainly be a great option as tests reveal, just by linking a YouTube video to your website pages you can add value by improving website indexing. YouTube is also a popular site for viewing product reviews and training. If you have a product, consider creating training videos to help users fully understand the benefits and to overcome any obstacles. You can find bloggers who create product reviews and roundups of different products. These can be very beneficial for promoting your website for free.

6. Benefits of Networking

Networking has not died! It still remains a very relevant way of promoting your website for free. Consider starting a networking group of small business owners where you can share ideas and opportunities. If you’re a sole proprietor, it can be a help to have some people in the same sphere where you bounce ideas off one another. Trust is an important component of doing business, and this is built up in relationships.

7. Google My Business for local marketing

Google My Business is probably the best way to advertise your business locally. When people are shopping locally they will often look for businesses near them online and Google My Business listings provide them a choice of locations nearby. Remember to keep your details up-to-date and also to use all the facilities GMB has on offer. Create regular posts to let your clients know what’s happening, when you have sales, new products, and other popular news.


So that’s it—7 awesome ways to promote your website for free! There are obviously many other ideas once you start thinking about them. If you want help with any of these, please reach out and get in touch here.

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